02 August 2014

Reforged Duality

Knowing isn’t the same as being there when the 
feeling flowers in an atmosphere’s uniqueness - 
just being aware you’re upset can’t redress that 
ungainly, stumbled step’s trip & sprawl; & it isn’t 
an answer to apologise at all before reeling in & 
retrieving the gaffe’s refusal to be left for dead 

So we play humble yet perplexed, then angered 
and distressed as tendrils of oafishness rise like 
implications of an about to be self-immolation - I 
can’t let it be an end of itself without reasons we 
do actually agree upon you start to say, and see, 
welling out of emotions, the beginning of tears

But you fill my life - how can it be worthlessness; 
those fears are your imagination - in seeing what 
is not there you create the same angst’s distress 
and it isn’t pretty that it is already consuming me, 
so let us digest this moment’s clarity, we mean a 
lot to each other, more so than just a sum of us 

There is a new entity borne as such from ashes 
we once might have been - thus even where we 
claim there’s no difference we know it discreetly
binds the frame of our togetherness; so we’re a 
reforged duality: now why not give in to it, let us 
see to where and whatever it proposes to lead 

© 21 June 2014, I. D. Carswell