05 August 2014

Macnuts, Naturally

Th’ game’s roasting macadamia nuts - 
in-shell naturally - n’ just one day off of 
th’ forest floor; been damp out there so 
more patience and less heat’s needed; 
you get away leaving ‘em longer on th’ 
fire, a double-burner space-heater, it’s 
working extra efficiently, n’ at th’ same 
time warming th’ lounge room 

So I crack a beer - in this case a tinnie 
of XXXX ‘Gold’ - a special of 30 for the 
price of a slab because it’s ‘Origin’ and 
an iconic way to support the Maroon’s - 
who’ve already lost th’ series, bless’m
n' what was I sayin’, oh yeah macnuts 

Now there’s another bloody icon - the 
beer taste discretely improves if’n you
snag a few nuts off the fire before you 
rail at the Blues, bless’m, - n’ th’ NRL 
referees bless’m who can’t see niggle 
like we had to endure, silently … 

© 25June 2014, I. D. Carswell