06 August 2014

Static Redundancy

So, we do some fast-forward renos that update 
a 1990s type of telephone interface; nothing too 
emphatic - just Fritz!Box 7490 gracing Fritz!Fon 
MT-F - and hooray the difference is dramatic, a 
giant leap from where man flounders in - dare I 
say it - lightening-caused electrical interference 
we glibly term static; but it’s gone, disappeared 
along with ingrained prejudices into the ether 

Cognoscenti will say, wait a bit, that’s a ‘router’ 
isn’t it? Which it is - with a few tout suite extras 
you’d rarely expect for either the price or geste 
which make it a collectors piece - sure, there’s 
a steep understanding curve to negotiate - but 
we survived WLAN - WiFi tests & graduated 

Internet access rates have doubled again - so 
boring delays are rare, intuitive speed is scary 
in a genre of anticipatory programs so used to 
owning what and where to look, and best of all 
even a headless chook could make it work - if 
I sound cock-a-hoop its near enough the truth 

So here we are, either blessed in intuitive ‘seer 
like’ foresight or conned neat - ideas of internet 
connects seamlessly interfaced, self-contained 
with buckshee benefits, were pipe dreams; the 
redundant gear strewn about says everything - 
like ‘how the Hell could we have missed this

© 27 June 2014, I. D. Carswell