22 August 2014

Midge Season

It is midge season again - an imposition in an 
awareness one could easily bear without; tho’ 
things you can see scare within meaning they 
wear invisibility auguring unwell - its an omen
if you will and until they actually bite you’ll still 
claim folklore created the blight; o’ rest ye well 
until the first itch flares were th’ myth rears its 
irascible head into reality of an ugly red spot 

So scratch-reflex dares you try stop it, a plight 
wearing agonies of ages, you quote an epithet 
you will when you bleed - cursing damn things
you can’t see to believe in, becoming one who 
wagers these fears will bring a calamitous end 
forever to the heterogeneous baring of skin 

© 12 July 2014, I. D. Carswell