21 August 2014

Barbarism’s Creature-Name

So we send ‘em an explicit video of some 
‘vigilantes’ beheading a Jihadist terrorist; 
they don’t ask him to apologise or explain 
necessity of the decapitation or harangue 
with Jihadist ‘leadership’ to get on track of 
appropriately peaceful means to solve all 
their difficulties or even in fact facetiously 
mention aspects of religion at all; - and, 

There’s no explication or justification, just 
credits and the act plus publication rights 
drifted across the HD screen - with player 
names and copyright prominent; even the 
terrorist gets a mention, and all of it while 
graphically bleeding to death 

Now why would you consider that greater 
insult than a trite, intoned-rites-iteration of
‘justified’ barbarism’s creature-name; you 
will say it is a covenant of faith - for a cult 
of zealots slaughtering in religious sham 
& bigotry - and can’t see a difference … 
© 20 August 2014, I. D. Carswell

It seems at least one of the Jihadist group responsible for 
journalist James Foley’s televised murder was in fact a 
British citizen currently engaged in acts of terror in Syria. 
Isis, as the breakaway Islamic State is named, may not 
practise Islam according to the Q’ran, but instead uses 

religious terror as a weapon to gain control and power