07 August 2014

Perfectly Au Fait

This contented feeling comes on back of 
a codicil interacting over excellent short 
black coffee & a 1/4 round of ‘past-use-
by-date’ camembert kilo rescued from a 
freezer needing its spur-of-the-moment 
de-icing, since received, inspiring ideas 
that flamboyance is routine & everyday 
‘if you’ve a mind to’ grasp of reality; - &  

In that sense its a statement expressing 
more clearly whom we’ve become - with 
time to think things through - unstressed 
to perform superhuman feats, yet its just 
10am on Sunday;  mayhap effects of an 
indecently cosy fire as we watched - in 

Pre-dawn hours, live sports events from 
Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games, and 
knowing wood supply couldn’t prejudice 
this day’s decadent, utterly relaxed and 
elegant commencement camembert as 
such, would seem perfectly au fait 

© 27 July 2014, I. D. Carswell