12 August 2014

Stella - Happy Birthday!

You don’t turn four often Stella, tho’ we’ll make 
this allowance for you on your special day - it’s 
your’s to settle whether you pause here or just 
hurdle zillions of years on your ethereal way to 
becoming the alluring goddess you’ve already 
commenced expressing - glimpses suggest its 
no passing fantasy, that it’s there for all to see 
and be enchanted by in your mercurial smile

Your sisters too are graciously blessed though 
on this day they’ll attest it is you centre-stage - 
with parents beguiled such loveliness isn’t the 
young lady’s sublime passing fantasy pro tem, 
but a gracious statement of fact and, similarly, 
will be passed on to bless the rest of ‘em … 

© 11 August 2014, I. D. Carswell