13 August 2014

Let’s Catch A Wave

Ideology to some remains the only 
way to capture sun, and if a beach 
tan says it all then maybe it’s fair 
proof we were onto something - 

but, and it’s rare for me to blissfully 
deflate ‘doctrinaire’ I once believed 
in, I’d need more than a new set of 
sunglasses to fall for it again; 

sure - halcyon years, when making 
sense only meant capturing waves 
and winsomely breaking hearts on 
poseurs’ sandy beaches, where 

choices weren't that dissimilar; each 
of us had the same set of options 
when we thought about it, & believe 
it for real, some did actually think, 

so, in telling me to link in I’ll have to 
‘see’ it your way, I recall our beach; will 
you control the waves I ask grinning 
facetiously - an ‘our policy’ word you 

bandy isn’t in my faux vocabulary of 
‘polite’ terms to impress people with - 
either the surf’s up or it will be later; 
what you’re saying differs from what 

I can see; when we had a choice I 
opted for what is, you for might be
terms we just inferred for similar 
things don’t intersect like they did

back then; so Devil’s spawn says 
controlled ideologic economies are 
profitable waves - for some obviously; 
but in truth - it’s like a sea reacting to 

celestial discourse with phenomena 
trending from infinitely bigger events 
than blatant budgie-smuggling and 
poseur-pathetic toe-dabbling 

C’mon, let’s catch a wave … 

© 7 July 2014, I. D. Carswell