29 August 2014

Welcome Home Stella (& All)

With your recent gadding about you’d concede 
that the least you’d have ever needed to recall 
would be second degree burns from Singapore 
noodles; sure you’ll have a scald proving it was 
Changi’s bowl of steaming hot soup rather than 
an exotic radiation burn, near miss Buk missile 
or disingenuous Scandinavian excursion under 
a solar eclipse that went disagreeably awry 

But the deal is you’re home again - gorgeously 
in one piece and ready to splice the mainbrace 
with your effervescent brand of humour; thank 
goodness for that - the reality is this part of the 
Planet’s a far nicer place when you’re in it, not 
to say Stockholm isn’t, but you were missed … 

© 25 July 2014, I. D. Carswell