28 August 2014

Selected To Receive

Must be the age group I’m in, or 
misguided belief we’re correctly 
targets of telephone scammers; 
yes, of course we’d bought new 
telephony recently - by choice & 
without prejudice after checking 
all the options, but in an opening 
line emphatically stating we’ve 

been selected to receive ‘bonus’ 
payment of $1,000.00, whatever 
may’ve been a hinted credibility 
simply vanished; didn’t occur to 
say ‘wow’ - or answer those tacit 
questions implied as a necessity 

in the event apologies for lack of 
interest (less expression of utter 
disbelief) were decently relayed - 
and call ended; but likely it wont 
be the last of the genre received 
if our number’s in their bag 

© 18 July 2014, I. D. Carswell