05 September 2014

Ibis In A Tree

An ibis in a tree - hardly the view you’d expect 
of birds better known a-wading marsh flats, or 
now-a-days raiding urban dumps; you’d likely 
say it can’t be too threatened, yet as a matter 
of fact it’s about disappeared from the areas 
where it once used to live and breed freely 

And they nest in trees; hence, I guess, sense 
of comfort in lofty views isn’t wasted nor their 
worldliness - and they can see opportunity in 
picnicking forays that earn foul words with an 
ascription of being nuisances, which may be 
an overreaction to their egregious familiarity 

So don’t be surprised if sometime in the near 
future they arrive in your locality, set up shop 
in a tree and begin to patrol what they think’s 
open range - well, it is to them as they can fly 
on a wing and a prayer - make that a ‘whim’ 
and a dare - as the ‘Sacred’ Ibises’ Plan B 

© 29 July 2014, I. D. Carswell