04 September 2014

Super Rugby Title 2014

There must be something about Sydney, venomously 
polluted water from recycling their own spittle may’ve 
affected ability to see beyond a sum squared of their 
own egocentric lucidity, there’s an irony in it but they’ll 
happily wear the crumbs claiming it is the whole menu; 
normally winning a Super Rugby title 36 - 35 is a relief 
not an opportunity to strut and preen as the deserving 
supremos demonstrating their undeniable invincibility 

But we will be forgiving - it is the first time they’ve ever 
finished first, albeit unconvincingly, yet even that stays 
palpably in the records as the slimmest margin to date; 
but we’ll bet it won’t deter our NSW mates, who’ll crow 
as only they can while stating a case to be written into 
Super Rugby history as the greatest of the Greats … 

© 2 August 2014, I. D. Carswell