29 September 2014

ISIS Insularity

Whether calling them Wahhabists, shaking your head 
aghast at resurgence of that ‘grey’ doctrinairism won't 
stop these relics from murdering; Sunni versus Shi’ite, 
or any in their way of achieving an ‘Islamic’ Statehood 
where infidel fodder will be used as grist to the mill of 
Islam’s inspired intransigence: their aim is recreation, 
not integration, Islam to be purified in all Imams’ eyes 
shaded of gross crimes ‘created in doctrinal purity’ 

The secular world can go bless itself stupid, and even 
if it exists - won’t have long left before a new regime’s 
auspices will convert all that; the choice is change, or 
death - either you accept their belief or cease to be, it 
is that easy in their reasoning; notoriously murderers 
are given to simplistically insular modes of thought 

© 3 September 2014, I. D. Carswell