30 September 2014

Know The Difference

Too early to pass judgment - there’s no way 
you can assess easily whether this birthday 
will be the best ever; it is safer to say any a 
year you survive rests where accolades are 
rare salutes earned on life’s event parade  

Being a good judge of fortune’s benefice is 
all the reward needed to be thankful and at 
peace, no need for gaudy tributes or lease
feasting on fancies you’ll seldom see make 
the grade to gratuitous embrace anyway 

So there we’ll let it stand; awakening warm 
and comfortable began a day to keep mind 
of what cannot be changed; there’s many a 
decade between you & what once was, yet 
what is does not judge that separation 

Be thankful you know the difference …

© 6 September 2014, I. D. Carswell

This Poet turned 69 years of age on this day …