11 September 2014

Midsomer Murders

No, I’m not watching ‘Midsomer Murders’, it doesn’t 
enchant me as much as it seems to spellbind some - 
tho’ I recognise themes with character eccentricities 
undoubtably out of a wider world, I flounder a bit as 
to how any remain alive - that’s as credibly so when 
we’ve run out room for classical ‘authentic scenery’ 
and wonderful old houses to keep those repetitious 
and droll detective dramas from going a bit too far 

But I’ll agree there’s comfort in not needing relearn 
lexicons of language, or those new words meaning 
things we’ve yet to experience day to day, so to sit 
in a TV lounge without fey traumas of ‘modernity’s’ 
machinations beaming controversially is a greater 
blessing; they’re much easier scenes to parlay 

© 6 August 2014, I. D. Carswell