12 September 2014


Saying nothing was achieved in a day where 
skies greyed, then temperatures eased back 
to where the winter we’d hopefully left raised 
its serpent’s head and spat vituperation; that 
paved the way for my brand of insurrection - 
a supervisor’s seat in the lounge attending a 
fire engaged slo-roasting yesterday’s bounty 
of macadamia nuts dutifully gathered for free 

Only a hardy few remain hiding amongst the 
leaves - it means at almost season’s end an 
incentive for final sweep is all but past, yet it 
is an ask to compete with thieves resident in 
the groves luxuriating among the trees; they 
paused, watched, & derisively greeted me 

© 12 August 2014, I. D. Carswell