09 September 2014

Shopping ‘Spree’

Saying its a statement of ‘domestication’ rates 
fairly but equates more towards the also barely 
tenable measure of late-middle-age, its generic 
catch-phrase ‘Seniors’, and we were, oldies on 
a shopping spree with quite specific objectives; 
for me undies, for th’ Lady some cute tops and 
a couple pairs of jeans - there were secondary 
objectives - agave nectar and buckwheat flour 

So I tell you we ‘managed’ it all in an hour - oh 
no way you’re going to say - asserting bravura 
incredulity, it isn’t possible to select, try on and 
buy clothes that quickly unless you knew what 
to seek or where; and to achieve such brevity 
you’d’ve already been there some time before 

I can state it was not and never the case - the 
idea came with impunity from she who’s to be 
obeyed, a challenge no less - and one played 
according to the rules of equal space, freed of 
interference and cognitive gatecrashing - then 
relieved, we did our key grocery shopping 

And that’s where training paid off; in stopping 
a mad rush entrained as rite of passage stuff 
we could enjoy looking for those things you’d 
easily pass-by as not quite what you’d expect 
to see where you weren’t really looking, yet a 
bonus to gluten-free dietary cognoscenti 

© 8 August 2014, I. D. Carswell