08 September 2014

Storeybrook For Lunch

It was Storeybrook for lunch today - alfresco in the 
restaurant, a muster of the Woodford troop whose 
wants on food and friendship choose its magic site 
because its right - we’ve been in quandary since a 
little bird confessed it irked her that its owners had 
to go; they’re friends, and friends of friends who’d 
earned a special place within the clique that make 
this place a special scene to sit and talk and eat 

And so we thanked dear John and Kay - who’ll be 
departing in three weeks for memories we’ll warm 
and wear content in gracious ease - there’ll never 
a pair of hosts like them again; - our repartee was 
lightly spiced suggesting fine regret we’ll have to 
bear - until we see them rested ever comfortably 

© 22 August 2014, I. D. Carswell