26 September 2014

Wind Me Up

Stereotypy - that awkwardly and indefinably 
least defence against someone’s taking the 
mickey out of you - or best offensive way of 
taking the piss; - being a wee bit offended’s 
not remiss - else you won’t be stereotypic - 
which is a predictable if not gross miss-use 
of sociometry suggesting we ‘got you on a 
string’ - ah ha, the inimitable yo-yo no less 

And here endeth this lesson; now wind me 
up, drop me by the way - gravity’s the only 
energy I’ll need to gain that head of steam, 
and when I’m up to speed you’d best be in 
a safer place than where you started what 
became an asymptotic reciprocity 

© 20 August 2014, I. D. Carswell