25 September 2014

New Perspective

No, not dreaming it - seeing the evidence clearly, 
there’s clarity in an exceptional perspective here; 
it isn’t the game you’d usually expect, & because 
its called Rugby, that you’d see ‘same old, same 
old’ - but it isn’t the way these blokes are playing; 
there’s the physicality you’d hold as unavoidable 
demonstrably blessed in constructive energy, ok 
that’s a given, but it does not degrade strategies 

of proper team contribution - and that stalemates  
occasions where losing your rag is rank stupidity 
which won’t aid your cause, - but your mates are 
quick to see you need moral support; all of it was 
evidenced in two games of ITM Cup I’d manifest 
as compulsory viewing this past Sunday … 
© 24 August 2014, I. D. Carswell 

For the record:
Auckland 35 - Manawatu 7 
Tasman 56 - Bay of Plenty 27