08 October 2014

Being In The Know

Don’t know whether the confusion over our ATO 
on-line security is an abuse of privilege or more 
an arrangement to ensure they stay ahead - it’s 
in an age when tax connections still bleed large 
slices of time in excess of whatever you owe or 
are owed, while the phone-call bathos you earn 
from a query has you pound keys; their ‘secure’ 
version re-establishes who is in ascendency 

And all this on a day when National Security is 
Richter Scale; radical Muslim arrests and sites 
raided, public decapitation thwarted or so it’s 
claimed - drear recitations of things you won’t 
believe could be planned by an Australian who 
didn’t know to propose executions for ATO* 
© 18 September 2014, I. D. Carswell

* Australian Tax Office