09 October 2014

Ebbs To Grey

Not an easy way to spend an afternoon - but 
then the chances of the Lions making mince 
of Makos wasn’t one with betting odds you’d 
ride, and even though I’d really tried to see it 
as it played the Tasman crew eschewed their 
usual role to beat their neighbours with √©lan - 
I’d add panache to that, and Wellington, alas 
just crashed in greasy flames & sadly died 

I couldn’t justify the way my team had played 
in losing to the better side - but then this year 
they’ve yet to win a game; for sure they tried - 
but coming ‘second’ doesn’t make that grade 
no matter if a single point away - there’s pain 
ahead before this rugby season ebbs to grey 
© 21 September 2014, I. D. Carswell

For the record, Tasman Makos beat Wellington 
Lions 42 - 20 in their Sunday ITM Cup match