16 October 2014

Cupboard’s Not Bare

On the brighter side - there’s a moment’s glow 
to brighten what you’d swear is dourly grey - a 
pair of specs unsighted since Tuesday tho’ not 
organic to this search appear as if by magic, a 
bonus of partial success; smarter surely to see 
what you’re actually looking for, but only if you 
seriously knew where to really commence that 
stolid implementation of a ‘looking for’ plan 

You didn’t think to query said specs lying on a 
spare room bed - you seek an overdue library 
book you last saw on your lounge-chair table - 
before our lounge room re-design began. With 
redecorator expertise she happened to have 
slept in this particular bed 

The book and specs are connected of course, 
would’ve been side by side in the lounge - but 
no book is here, so where to next; the recheck 
of overdue library notices reveals the book I’m 
seeking isn’t the one on their agenda but it is 
indeed another which I vaguely remember 

It goes from bad to worse you reflect - yet the 
overdue miscreant is traced easily because it 
remained in your bedroom; so the dilemma’s 
exactly where would she have laid away the 
remainder of the lounge room library - and its 
answer is anywhere with out-of-view space 

There are wardrobes, drawers and cabinets 
galore awaiting your grace - and blissfully 
the cupboard’s here were never that bare … 

© 30 September 2014, I. D. Carswell