15 October 2014


The bees break a monotony you wouldn’t 
test as sacrosanct; all as busy as, and all 
insistent they’ll need water in the birdbath 
 - it’s a display of pertinacity I cannot fake 
an interest in; when taking a spell from an 
unenviable task of nectar gathering, they 
circle the thin water smear, skating to the 
edges in controlled live-puddle-landings 

stopping and sampling moisture I’ve been 
surreptitiously adding; it is amazing - I am 
ignored now as another non-invasive part 
of the whole scene - or they reason it that 
way, slaking their fill, and flying off in their 
inimitable display of bee-busy-ness 

© 4 September 2014, I. D. Carswell