27 October 2014

Dressing Bricks

If anything can do it then a 2m x 1m print of 
that setting should seize the eye - a picture 
which captures and renders sea scenery so 
specially; its like having bona fide views of a 
beach through this blue window in our dark 
brick wall - now no-longer foreboding, more 
gracefully tamed actually, with invitations to 
stroll down the steps, walk in the sand 

And so easy to imagine hand in hand as a 
precursor to togetherness; that’s the key - 
accessibility - it isn’t the morning’s termite 
swarm, nor all the painting still to be done, 
but an idea of a whole world beyond brick 
denotations of locality entrancing me 

© 9 October 2014, I. D. Carswell