28 October 2014

Humour In Pink

While the fate of my footy team fell a bit short of 
disgrace there is a rancour of other sides whose 
below-par performance did, won’t name-mention 
any shameful coterie particularly, they know who 
are asses wearing the donkey’s capes; but I will 
say Wellington Lions last game almost atoned a 
seven losses, one win record, because it played 
out a passionate finale with dramatic panache 

In the end humour was a winner as well as that 
massive score (Lions 58 - Harbour 34) - all of it 
a worthy outcome of open-played and vigorous 
contest where both sides let the game rule; tho’ 
let me suggest the only fools this day wore pink 
as astounding all equally run-around referees 

© 12 October 2014, I. D. Carswell