20 October 2014

Its Business

So there’s a business at back of it - and you’d 
bet large sums are changing hands; - arms & 
ammunition exist as receipts of solidity with a 
unending supply of radicals to bear them. It’s 
no chimaera, nor is it an accurate expression 
of Islam. We’re finally hearing the moderates 
voicing their concerns in increasing volume - 
all without doubt, an effect of the price of oil 

That what its about - the notion of an Islamic 
State built out of Syria & Iraq and ‘funded’ by 
the now not so ubiquitous Gulf State Sheiks 
lottery isn’t ridiculous - innocuous, sure - but 
rationally where else does the flow originate; 
and with all that free Jihadi labour - why not! 

© 24 September 2014, I. D. Carswell