11 October 2014

Strains Of Humanity

If we can’t see stupidity dressed in a suitcase 
of lies we shouldn’t travel guide; nor can it be 
okay reading children’s fables averring there’s 
miracles awaiting any enabling its key, tho’ not 
practically of course, its a metaphor for seeing 
beyond timbre of words; - yet in this day & age 
we’re supposed to keep clear of those radicals’ 
inhumane acts as pursuits of their holiness 

That secularity isn’t a misspelling of ‘gagged’ is 
anathema to fundamentalist belief - any theism 
commandeers deistic relief, but there’s still only 
one faith when you get down to it - and that’s if 
you can imagine it - it exists to believe in, but if 
you’re not of it then it may mean you don’t exist  

So I say the words which make me who I am in 
my own form of piety and they seem clear - not 
in the way of radical or extremist believers who 
cannot hear songs of the universe; it’s too rank 
a perversion of secular ideology for their favour 
but both my ears tune, hear and savour it well 

And there I hear humanity’s strains - alive and  
well as ever, with their command to see to the 
barbarism of these inhuman beasts killing in a 
merciless display of their alleged sacredness
take ‘em away comes a heartfelt plea, they’ll 
never belong to our human race 

© 19 September 2014, I. D. Carswell