12 October 2014

Chivalry Test

Tempted to give it the bird - in their manner of 
thinking the insult’s from lacking chivalry; aha, 
you’d mean ‘finger’ I guess - that’d be a once- 
only gesture of discourteousness categorically 
registered in bigwig minds unappreciative of a 
view they’re playing dipstick ineffectually; who 
it was invented such simple insulting etiquette 
should be hallowed eternally a good example 

So you do your best; they don’t notice at first, 
there’s a problem with the finger on the hand 
you’re gesturing with, they suggest its far too 
bent - being an indication of disability - which 
means you’re at the wrong desk - take a first 
turn left and follow the corridor to the end 

Seems you failed the chivalry test … 

© 8 September 2014, I. D. Carswell