22 October 2014


Finding that space where all words blend 
easy again ain't the sinecure it used to be; 
it takes a slower pace with plan change & 
interpolated ideas less their disgracefully
inherent anxieties displayed graphically 

But by scribing yourself mental sanctuary 
regardless you demolish what might have 
prevailed as cause for sufficiency; yet if it 
still dithers without real purpose - then off 
with its head quick and back to this earth 

So here are we with headless objections 
piled messily between us and where we 
are supposed to breathe; structures with 
purpose as walls of regret retaining what 
supposedly wasn’t enabled for us; like I 

Say, it isn’t easy to find that space - but 
I’m at peace with a process advancing a 
pace where relief will be the next track’s 
bend because I made it that way - in an 
unrelenting quest for sense of stability 

© 29 September 2014, I. D. Carswell