23 October 2014

The Hammer

If there’s truth in it its congeniality fled silently, an 
arbiter of good manners you might conjecture - if 
you cared enough, tho’ that’s begging a question 
of whose decorum was at stake; for art’s making 
mockery too of well-bred social behaviour’s truth 
that you’d wish to avoid - in more ways than this 
travesty of consensual conviviality phrased in an 
impartial way to sell the whole caboodle as gold 

If the hammer falls and the offering’s sold proves 
us wrong - then it’s a failure doomed to repetitive 
affirmation and much to our chagrin won't matter 
a mouldy centavo; - in the industry they all smile
taking their commission running & spend it again 
and again, proving their gracious insatiability 

© 27 September 2014, I. D. Carswell