01 October 2014

Y’ Listening?

Th’ dog’s latest attention-evoking ambit 
is a 'nudge-bludgeoning' of my left arm  
his nose employed as a ‘hand’ seeking 
contact while his paws scratch brutally 
such one complains or’s shredded into 
a raw mess; what’s brought this on you 
ask not expecting an explanation - and 
he farts a tacit essence of an answer 

You’ve spent six hours sitting in front of 
that iMac, you’ve missed every cue I’ve 
given - & you’re lacking any energy; so 
now that you’re having difficulty with y’ 
breathing let’s go get us each a breath 
of fresh air while y’ take me for a walk 

So, the Great Outdoors beckons eh, a 
worthy subterfuge m’ man but you can 
avail y’ self anytime y’ want, off you go 
its there, just outside the door; - so he 
re-begins random scratching regime’s 
displacement activity - & farts again 

© 2 September 2014, I. D. Carswell