13 November 2014

A Rational Decease

And if you could credibly suggest that 
what distressed me has its roots in an 
awesome ‘yellow’ papaya half-pecked 
to pieces, I’d rest innocently; but in an 
even more perplexing digression, this
was on the cards days ago, you were 
aware birds played footloose & fancy 
free with ripening fruit yet left it alone

There’s no sheltering in the lee of too 
many distractions, it has no zones of 
solicitude protecting you - although a 
few birds will applaud your gratuitous  
largesse; no, a papaya’s demise was 
not key to assuaging this impasse 

So we seek relief through an ordinary 
& common belief it was ‘meant’ to be; 
birds like ripe papaya as much as we 
hanker for a taste but they suffer less 
indignity testing to see at which stage 
of afore-said ripeness is each piece 

And that explains a rational decease 

© 30 October 2014, I. D. Carswell