12 November 2014

Another View

If it is a game it never ends - no sense of time 
or space contends, no structured plays; we’ve 
run its length a thousands ways, amending all 
our strategies with lèse majesté, & praying for 
an interval that never came, or change of end 
to rest our weariness; no breaks to breathe in 
air afresh in willing agonies away, no referees 
to arbitrate a peace, or make us keep it thus 

And yet, it feels the stress that dispossessed 
us also blessed us with another view too fair 
to leave unheralded; - thus pleasing answers 
rest where heads and hearts attend and see 
a mordant sense of anomie yet pass the test 
entrapment wrests and keep it safe alee 

©22 October 2014, I. D. Carswell