15 November 2014

Auction Day

It is supposedly the last day of a goat’s horn- 
growing inquisition, of barbed flechettes with 
quirked conscience despair - an atmosphere 
of incredulity pervading where reason slides 
sideways - there’s no certainty aired why an 
on-going sense of tooth-bared acrimony still 
vends worst-case obduracy, or expectations 
adjudged denouement could ever be fair 

But we are still intact and agreed to see it in 
the best possible light, in-battle hasn’t been 
a fight for commonwealth & justice - there’s 
no noble aim in an egocentric murkiness of 
primacy’s clime & yet the end justifies what 
freedom from uncertainty tragically means 

© 1 November 2014, I. D. Carswell