17 November 2014

Free Drinks

Isn’t a mood I’ll be famous for - too damn 
introspective to breed pithy puns but hey, 
its mine and a bonus any-which-way you 
like to think of it; so there we are, a 3 pm 
G&T like natural relief from a pun paucity 
suggests a slice of lemon might cake-ice 
what proves otherwise unsustainable - & 
we’ll survive on a whim with fable prayer 

And I’ll prey easily, believe me, kneeling 
in spite of knees contrition aiming to pay 
off debt labelled ebullient ‘chances’ once 
leant to a one & only meant to say - see 
here, that’s th’ way to San Hosea where 
the drinks aren’t usually this free 

© 3 November 2014, I. D. Carswell