11 November 2014

Beyond The Pale

The good Ol’ Gaslight Company is staunch and 
true to self-congratulatory mantras imbued with 
their version of reality; now electricity vendors - 
and as far as one could be from gas they’ll pee 
their way through a morass of bureaucratic evil 
which they’ll admit arose out of stale flour filled 
with weevils pretending to be Public Servants 
unable to recognise their own errors 

We’re meant to see that as ‘fee’ collectors their 
proposed ‘good intent’ depends on matters they 
haven’t a bees-knees about; meter readers are 
employees of the company generating power - 
outside their clique, meaning queries are a way 
to efficiently buck-pass and maintain pretence 

As long as cash changes hands effectively who 
cares if a meter reader misreads - except me of 
course, and I’ve the temerity to ask what is this 
aberration of a meter running backwards - as if 
it explains the error colloquially - yet neither of 
‘em sense that’s already beyond the pale 

© 16 October 2014, I. D. Carswell