08 November 2014

Room To Learn

There you go - always room to learn a little more 
although we’ve managed rather well to date - by 
clicking ‘tips’ atop the page we’ve seen a reason 
that suggests our progress is, at least, bemused 
yet quite relaxed because we’ve never used this 
system to its full (and never will may I digress); I 
write my best when technicalities of options that 
I never use cannot reduce my choices to a few 

Meagre as it is I see the flow agrees with me, or 
do I walk in shoes without design because there 
is a seemly blindness just as equal to what isn’t 
where I couldn't see, is this my common enemy; 
my fear’s a silenced lack of words benighted by 
dissent unheard in wordless obloquy 

© 21 March 2014, I. D. Carswell