07 November 2014

Lunacy Prevails

Bankstown, Sydney 17-year-old, Abdullah Elmir, on 
air naming himself ‘Abu Khaled’ and threatening the  
western countries with war; ISIL aims to fly the black 
flag over Buckingham Palace, Canberra & the White 
House he says - attesting that the Prime Minister of 
Australian is one upon whom ISIL’s ire’s specifically 
addressed; oh woe’s me, I hear Tony Abbott despair, 
shaken in his shoes being singled out by a militant 

clone of Jihadist vacancy as equally deranged as an 
emir disreputably funding them; I have to bring home 
our Super Hornets or they will be popping over to put 
something bad in my cuppa tea. Yet maybe he’ll say 
something wiser to our raving Australian - like here’s 
the G.O. son - deranged or merely under the spell of 

monstrous delusions, in revealing your identity you’re 
somewhat compromised now - tho’ Islam’s prevailing 
sanity regrets need for sanitising its so-called ‘fringe’ 
of lunacy, history says this; of the Q’uranic teachings 
accepted universally by its religion’s silent majorities 
it won’t quail delivering rabid heads of them pursuing 

ends of their own bent; so young man - far best you 
run, but not here, before that blade swings free … 

© 22 October 2014, I. D. Carswell