19 November 2014

Rugby Buffet

discovering who’s live-broadcasting 
a rugby test between England & NZ 
wasn't intrigue-easy, it was wrapped 
in innuendo, fraught, conspiracy-like, 
by mired deviousness; only ‘deviant’ 
cognoscenti thought through a lame 
mask of Setanta’s claimed exclusivity

but watch we did, amazed by its braw 
analogy differentiating what we view in 
a southern hemisphere by that English 
afternoon tea choral of swinging low in 
sweet chariots as the Haka ensues; 
not that it mattered too much anyway 

the Welsh referee confused everyone 
with interim rulings he made up on the 
spot or vacillated technically and got a 
TMO’s arbitration, no-one quite sure if 
it was just him being himself - affected 
by his weird sense of self importance

but this game was non-stop both on & 
off the pitch which made seeing it live 
the right thing to do - even if Sundays 
are a day of rest it was a sterling test 
of play viewing stamina in the Spring 
Tour extravaganza’s rugby buffet 

© 11 November 2014, I. D. Carswell