20 November 2014

Nanas Philosophy

Expressing feelings that suggest you’ve been the 
victim of a vast conspiracy would seem too much 
like nannying; imagine her reaction, all shades of 
grey were black and white in her view - and if her 
wee darling was upset, the World would rue such 
grossly animistic and self-centred behaviour; hah 
she’d interject, think you can get away with being 
such peasants - well, you’d better think again 

In the space of a momentously indulgent second 
or two she sorted the wheat from the chaff - cast 
out the lurking riffraff and demons - whether they 
were merely innocents whatever, or bystanders, 
mattered not a mote, and rewrote the ‘rule book’ 
whose purpose was her little angel’s wellbeing 

Well you could say, thinking it through like that’s 
a relief, Nana played a straight bat when it came 
to whose feelings mattered - yet ideas someone 
could set it up deliberately, which was still within 
the realms of probability, niggled; and yet again, 
Nana’s philosophy made that too, all too plain 

© 31 October 2014, I. D. Carswell