25 November 2014

Seeing The Game Live

You could suggest it was an an awesome outcome 
- although getting there grievously tested whatever 
patience remained; and sure - our dollars changed 
hands without ceremony - well before we ever saw 
this sought-after sports channel appear - but there 
it is, on-air, & we’re breathing easier. So applause 
for Setanta Sports; in getting me link their apps to 
Foxtel TV, we’ll see Poms v The All Blacks live 

That this game wasn’t accessible anywhere else’s 
a travesty, sports programming replays were bare; 
it was like saying no-one will see this game - ever, 
which gravidly sez it reeks of being a ploy - selling 
Setanta’s access, and suspicious as it may be, I’d 
say we’re long past sharing Cheshire cat grins 

We’ll watch live Sunday am - in an atmosphere of 
deconstructed ‘Twickenham’ incredulousness too 
obvious to dismiss or sleep and see the recorded 
footage at our convenience without having to wait 
for tart news the Poms blew the coup way out of 
proportion to this, their trivially livid farce … 

© 6 November 2014, I. D. Carswell