24 November 2014

Victim By Proxy

We’re to believe the campaign is over and 
adversaries rest; a bemused quiet ensues 
as no truce bears witness or claims verity, 
loose cannons ply malice, glaring aloof in 
bruising air’s raw uneasiness - none have 
had to run their banner yet, chancing fate, 
but we’ve missed inscrutable pages of the 
tract that was to stabilise who we were 

I cautiously breathe, I am not your enemy
there’s nothing at stake and little to gain in 
assertively claiming victimisation by proxy 
while being all too wittingly misinterpreted, 
the same cloak swathes us; we’ve made 
go-betweens hostile to their own enmity 

© 3 November 2014, I. D. Carswell