10 December 2014


Ya’ll playing like ship-heads he drawled 
frowning visibly when we immoderately 
sprawled giggling at his bon mot - what 
the ha’yell ya think I said he complains; 
we ain’t at sea far as I can tell, n’ I ain’t 
no sailor, but the dang game’s different 
t’ th’ way y’ gang spray shots around th’  
pin-ball like its glued to t’morrow 

We’d bought adrift of his surmise when 
laughter ceased, and though surprised 
explained with glee the lore ‘borrowed’ 
in playing a jack or kitty; oh hoo wee is 
his reply, so it ain’t ‘skittles’ a’tall then - 
so why not whack ‘em anyway… 

© 20 November 2014, I. D. Carswell