11 December 2014

Participatory Geste

Wearing hearing aids these past 24 hours has been an 
extravagantly sensory inundation; and I’m not unaware
there are other sounds out there - tho’, maybe at times, 
am glad I don’t have to recognise and categorise them; 
unamplified they are easily blended in a mellowness of 
ambient, unspectacularly ordinary background noises; 
- it isn’t until an augmented air of bird chatter flings the 
towel irremediably into the ring - shattering such calm 

Then I have to attend to this reality; the raucous crow’s 
calls are truth as much as feeding lorikeets shrieking in 
deafening unison are facts of living near trees in flower, 
& I don’t need reminding some bird song isn’t melodic, 
or ear pleasing either, sounding so much like acrimony 
one learns to expect from our parliamentary clique 

But in the event there’s a sense of participatory geste 
that pays fuller feelings nearer the core of what one’s 
being is supposedly about; so comprenez, when you 
shut birds and the rest of it out you’re denying part of 
who you are; therefore I see hearing aids worn more 
regularly - and even without human company 

© 20 November 2014, I. D. Carswell