04 December 2014

Graceless Case

it is a graceless case of you stinking worse 
than an entire army's combined stench - in 
this case its the 14th century BC Egyptians 
who bogged in the Red Sea; Suez may not 
see it offensive these days since they’ve all 
learned the lesson, whereas you old friend, 
I guess, never paid a discretionary homage 
to it and continue to stink because you can 

so be it; I confess there will be an up-wind 
change due for you real soon - stay out of 
the study while I am writing, or risk a suite 
bemused in bewilderment of bathing dates 
fused inexorably to an enhanced sense of 
smell I face great difficulty containing

© 18 November 2014, I. D. Carswell