05 December 2014

Humour Me

The threat’s not physical then is it - unlike
like a fist in your face or the acrid scent of 
ruin grifted in galls of intense heat; so why 
pick on me, if fires burn they’re still far too 
distant to be authors of discontent. I know 
it is easier to say boo than unravel sets of 
long dead odds & ends, yet I am innocent
merely in the vicinity; this is me, not some 

Convenience used to flush away unease. 
So I’m not thumbing my nose in spite nor 
do I see you can view it thus - but thanks 
for explaining what’s bustled your dander, 
sadly to say tho' it adds zilch to the case 
claimed as being even-handedness 

There’s a precocious sense of amenity in 
obeisance to narrower reference points -  
to try to understand wider views does not 
imply you’re giving way nor is it a state of 
anarchy; your sovereignty stays intact as 
long as you do, which you do indeed 

But if you want loyalty, humour me … 

© 22 November 2014, I. D. Carswell