21 December 2014

In The Breed

Its Koel season again, so love ‘em or shove ‘em  
& call ‘em what you will, rain bird, storm bird, or 
cuckoos that they really are, they will get to you  
eventually; and if not you, then to unsuspecting 
foster-parents diligently hatching one extra egg 
laid in their nest, raising a chick, who ruthlessly 
and without regret kicks their own offspring out 
because that’s the damn way of this freebooter 

Then when fully fledged at great expense to its  
thoroughly duped pair of foster-parents, leaves 
on a northward journey, maybe PNG or further, 
without offering thanks, goodbyes or regrets; a 
dissolute analogy of parasitism we sadly get in 
the breed now as members of our Parliament 

© 5 December 2014, I. D. Carswell