02 December 2014

Mud Cake Dessert

We’re planning a birthday feast, nothing too 
glamorous, learned way back that any good 
idea gets th’ kudos - so it’s roast duck; what 
will be different’s simplicity - no cordon bleu 
chef’s rigmarole thingy for this quacker - it’ll 
be biffed in a hot oven, wee herb sprig in th’ 
guts, ‘n baked ’til golden brown, a few vegs 
roasted around its side will help to decorate 

Our real task’s a luscious salad’s appeal to 
eye and taste; while not an integral part of 
the major celebration it’ll take ingenuity, I’ll 
probably have to plagiarise; but it's as real 
a birthday-make as legendary poaching’s 
graced into a dessert-served mud cake 

Which will truly be the 'crowning' glory 

© 19 November 2014, I. D. Carswell