01 December 2014

East Of Reason

If achievements matter this was success - 
upon a torpid back of an engendered day; 
so huh, you’ll remark, where in a verity of 
Hell’s pay did you buy that epithet - was it 
Wikipedia Thesaurus’ ‘usage’ delusionally 
skewed to the east of reason or’s the heat 
gotten to you? Neither; my guess is at last 
I did something I actually set out to do 

Wasn’t much - but then achievement’s are 
bathed in victories sweat; so the mower is 
up and running, still got the steering glitch, 
something I can hardly fix, but adding it to 
the Karcher being cleaned of a mud-wasp 
infestation & again spraying sweetly, then

You’ll get a picture of vested perspiration 
paying a dividend, tho I won’t get to rest; 
the Ute glares balefully regarding a long 
overdue spray - that’ll have to be before 
the rugby if it’s to happen today, so we’ll 
test this blessing in the midday’s heat … 

© 15 November 2014, I. D. Carswell